Basic Lit: The Idea for the Year

Students in this class are preparing to read more difficult literature from around the world by practicing basic literacy skills.  The first skill students are working on is learning to cite text evidence to support analysis of what the text says.   As students show they can do this independently, they will move on to making inferences about a text and they will continue to need to highlight where they get their information in the text.

Students will also work on learning to find key ideas and details in order to determine a theme or central idea.  As they progress with this skill they will also have to analyze the development of the theme through the course of the text.  Students will use highlighting as a strategy to help them keep their information organized.

The other main area this class will focus on is vocabulary development.  This is so important for the students in this class because they haven’t been exposed to a lot of words and they lack the understanding of words necessary for better reading comprehension.  Another part of this will be to understand figurative language, word relationships and nuances in word meanings.

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