Brit. Lit: The First Unit

The first unit of study in this class is all about personality and life events. The stories included in this unit all feature characters with major personality issues who make poor choices over what they can and cant control: “The Monkey’s Paw,” “The Open Window,” “The Pardoner’s Tale,” and “The Rocking Horse Winner”.

We will look at themes such as greed and desperation, control, and fate. We will discuss what people control in their lives and how their personality affects the choices they make. We will also discuss the outcomes for people when they try to change things they can’t control.

Students will use the text to help them interpret character traits. They will use the character traits to determine themes and support further interpretations in the text.

Culminating projects will be to create a Prezi journal using digital photography to document visual representations of things a person can control and things a person can’t control. A second culminating project will be to create a Glog on the student’s own personality traits, or to create a Glog comparing 4 characters’ personalities.

CORE skills that students will focus on through the course of this unit: citing text evidence to support analysis and interpretation, analyze how characters develop and interact throughh the course of the text to develop the plot and theme, interpreting themes from a text and using the text to support inferences. Students will also be required to make judgements about the text and connect ideas to the larger world.


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