at the fundraiser

I have a group of students who are working on community service projects.  One student had recently visited relatives in the part of the state hit hard by Hurricane Irene, so she wanted us to do a fundraiser to help out that area.  That student went online and got information of what kinds of things are still needed and how we could help, so we decided as a group to raise money to buy non-perishable food items and to also do a small food drive.  Students decided that they wanted to have a bake sale and to sell something that they made for the fundraiser part, so I had them take digital photos and use Photoshop Elementsto edit them.  We printed out the photos on photo paper and affixed the photos to colorful cards.  We decided to sell the cards for $.25 each or 5 for $1.00.  At the same time we were making signs and hanging them up for people to donate non-perishable items for our food drive.   Walmart (which is a company I don’t normally support) was the only business that


would allow us to set up a table to hold our fundraising items, so on the appointed day we sat in the 40 degree weather and began to sell our goods.  I had no expectations of making much money because we were selling cupcakes for $.50 and brownies for $.25.  I was soon totally amazed with the incredible generosity of complete strangers.  People bought items and frequently left us $2-$3 in donations; a few people left us even more than that.  We made a net total of $91 for the two hours we held our fundraiser.  The students were completely excited and suddenly thought of all kinds more fundraisers they want to do.  They are looking forward to all of us going to the grocery store to spend the money on food items and to put that together with what we’ve already collected for food and to bring it all to the local collection area for Hurricane Irene relief efforts.